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"For those of you who don't already know - vampires are very much a clear and tangible threat"

Vampires! Nazis! Beautiful girls!

For over one hundred years Castle Abendroth has been a myth, a dark legend, a place that could not possibly have existed as not a trace if it still remains… until now. The whole Castle has reappeared, as if by magic.
Victor Nelson is intrigued, but how far will he compromise his principles to be a part of the team first to investigate this mysterious place? For the leader of the exposition is none other than Gunther Hartmann, Occult expert and psychotic agent for the Third Reich!
In the dank tunnels beneath the Castle, hidden agendas will be revealed and Victor will face one or two surprises… and also some terrible and powerful creatures that are out for his blood!

The Great Undead is the latest story in the Victor Nelson Adventures series.
Published 29th October 2012