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It is the height of the Second World War and something strange is afoot in the Hotel Splendid, a luxury resort on “Millionaires Row” in Port-au-Prince. Occult expert and gentleman adventurer Victor Nelson thinks that Voodoo is the cause, and in investigating finds himself plunged headfirst into horror, danger and intrigue.
A prediction of death and destruction, two sadistic Nazi Agents, and a corrupt Police Inspector all stand in his way. And of course, there’s a beautiful girl. But that’s not all. Deep underground, the dead are awakening from their eternal slumber, and slowly pushing their way to the surface with one terrifying intention in mind: to Kill! Kill! Kill!


Can the future be foretold?
That is a question Victor Nelson, paranormal investigator and gentleman adventurer must answer on a rainy London afternoon. General Eric Winters certainly thinks it can, but his supposed foreknowledge has led to some terrible outcomes on the Western Front. But are the stars to blame, or the Astrologer who cast the horoscope? Or is there even more to this than meets the eye?

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A collection of 3 short stories
More Victor Nelson Adventures!
A marauding Mummy on a cruise ship, a grieving widow in search of spiritual advice, an old friend suffering from a deadly supernatural affliction…
Anyone else might run a mile from such situations, but not Victor Nelson, adventurer and paranormal investigator. ‘Fear Grips the Soul’ recounts several pre-war chronicles in his intriguing but hair-raising life!

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